New Jersey Products Liability Lawyers

Manufacturers and sellers of defective products may be held responsible for injuries that are caused by their products under the body of law known as products liability law. A product is essentially anything that is sold for use or consumption, except for services and real estate.

Product Liability in New Jersey

Medical devices, industrial machinery and equipment, home repair and recreational products, and motor vehicles are just a few of the types of products that may be the subject of products liability litigation. Additionally, food products sold in restaurants and supermarkets, and drug and pharmaceutical products sold over-the-counter and by prescription may be the subject of a products liability claim.

Experience with Liability

There are several theories of liability in products liability cases. In some instances, the product may have been defectively designed. In other cases, the design of the product may have been appropriate, but the product was defectively made or manufactured. Yet another possibility is that the product was properly designed and manufactured, but contained insufficient warnings or instructions that caused an injury. Any of these deficiencies may result in a products liability claim.

The Reinartz Law Firm represents clients who have suffered injuries from a variety of dangerous and defective products including, but not limited to:

  • Medical devices, implants, replacement joints, etc.
  • Drug and pharmaceutical products
  • Industrial machinery
  • Construction equipment
  • Heavy machinery
  • Home repair and recreational products
  • Office products
  • Hand tools
  • Sporting goods
  • Tainted food
  • Child products
  • Motor vehicles and motor vehicle components
  • Boats and boat components
  • Airplanes and airplane components

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