Award Methodology

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Mode of Operation Doctrine in New Jersey Slip and Fall Cases

By |Property Owner / Premises Liability|

In the typical premises liability / slip and fall case, the injured plaintiff must prove the negligence of the premises owner.  This mean that the plaintiff must prove the premises owner knew or should have known about a dangerous condition on the property, but failed to identify the condition upon [...]

Dangerous Practices & Procedures at Work

By |Workers' Compensation|

Every working person deserves to be safe at work. From office jobs to construction jobs, this proposition applies across the board. Even the most risky jobs must have built-in safety procedures designed to keep employees safe from harm. In New Jersey, the Division of Public Safety and Occupational Safety and Health [...]

What to Do When You Have an Accident on Someone Else’s Property

By |Property Owner / Premises Liability|

Accidents that occur on someone else’s property are occasionally the fault of the property owner for allowing a dangerous or defective condition to exist on the property. Premises liability is a legal concept whereby a property owner can be held responsible for damages caused by their failure to [...]

What is Medical Malpractice?

By |Medical Malpractice|

Medical malpractice involves a medical provider's breach of an applicable standard of care that results in harm to a patient.  The standard of care that applies in a specific situation depends on a number of factors, including the “generally accepted” practices and procedures for other, similarly situated medical providers. In order to [...]

Pedestrian Accident Claims in New Jersey

By |Pedestrian Accidents|

Because of the vulnerability of pedestrians in pedestrian-auto accidents, the NJ Legislature has enacted laws requiring motor vehicle operators to abide by strict standards of care.  If drivers violate these standards, they may be held accountable in both the criminal and civil context.  While there are also laws that address the responsibilities of [...]

New Jersey Comparative Negligence Law

By |Motor Vehicle Accidents|

Personal injury lawsuits often involve complex accident scenarios and difficult questions regarding apportionment of fault where the combined actions of multiple parties causes an injury. In these cases, New Jersey law provides juries a mechanism for determining each party’s share of responsibility for the damages. The NJ Comparative Negligence Act, N.J.S.A. 2A:15-5.1, [...]