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New Jersey Catastrophic Injury Lawyer

Certain injuries are referred to as “catastrophic” because they are permanent and life-altering. New Jersey victims of catastrophic injuries and their families often face the daunting prospect of arranging for long-term medical care for the permanently injured or disabled person. Given the long-term nature of these injuries, the proper evaluation and handling of a catastrophic injury claim is crucial.

The Reinartz Law Firm is experienced in investigating, litigating, and managing the complexities of catastrophic injury claims. Whether called upon to analyze the technical aspects of an event, product, or procedure that caused an injury, or evaluate medical records and related documentation to determine the full value of a claim, we are up to the challenge. Our experience in litigating these claims allows us to prepare a thorough case, and seek compensation that will provide future financial support to the catastrophically injured person and their family.

Our firm represents clients who have suffered catastrophic injuries in variety of cases involving:

Birth Injuries
Spinal Cord Injuries
Brain Injuries
Broken Bones and Joint Injuries
Fire/Burn Injuries
Neck Injuries
Wrongful Death

The law limits the time you have to bring a claim for a catastrophic injury.

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