Personal Injury Deposition FAQs

Depositions serve two main purposes in personal injury cases. First, they allow the parties to learn about the facts of the case. Second, they let the parties develop a factual record that can be used to cross-examine adverse witnesses at trial.  Below are some of the common questions we receive [...]

Punitive Damages In New Jersey Injury Lawsuits

Punitive damages are damages on an increased scale that are awarded to a plaintiff over and above the amount that will strictly compensate them for their loss.  A claim for punitive damages is appropriate where the wrong done to plaintiff was aggravated by circumstances of violence, oppression, malice, [...]

The Use Of Expert Witnesses In New Jersey / New York Personal Injury Lawsuits

Expert testimony is typically required to support New Jersey / New York personal injury claims when the subject matter is so complex that jurors of common knowledge and experience would be unable to make a case determination without the benefit of information and opinions expressed by a person [...]