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If you’ve been arrested on a DUI / DWI charge in Hoboken, New Jersey, don’t delay in contacting an experienced lawyer. A conviction on these charges can result in jail time, suspension or loss of your driver’s license, community service, a criminal record, significant fines and other penalties. Immediate action is essential to safeguard your rights. An experienced DUI / DWI defense lawyer can review your case and offer you an aggressive defense.

Drunk Driving Laws in Hoboken, N.J.

New Jersey drunk driving laws are some of the toughest in the nation. A conviction for a first offense alone can result in jail time, license suspension, and fines. If you are a repeat offender or test at a high blood alcohol content, the penalties can be even extremely severe. Despite all of this, there are effective defenses to a DUI / DWI charge in Hoboken, New Jersey. An experienced Hoboken DUI / DWI lawyer will investigate a number of issues in your case, including whether the Alcotest was properly administered, if there was probable cause to stop your vehicle or detain you for sobriety testing, and if any other procedural or evidence violations occurred.  If necessary, your case may also benefit from the retention of an expert witness to support one or more aspects of your defense.

DUI in Hoboken, N.J.

Hoboken is a growing city in Hudson County with over 50,000 residents and a multitude of restaurants and bars. The Hoboken Police Department, like many other law enforcement agencies across the state, has a program in place that actively targets drivers suspected of drunk driving. The Department regularly conducts DUI / DWI checkpoints in the city. The well traveled roadways that pass through the city of Hoboken are often the sites of DUI / DWI arrests. Keeping the roadways safe is a respectable goal; however, not everyone who receives a drunk driving is guilty of the offense. If you are charged with a DUI / DWI in Hoboken, contact The Reinartz Law Firm to learn how we can help.

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The Reinartz Law Firm is an accomplished DUI / DWI defense firm. We are prepared to go to trial for your case and our attorneys possess the experience and knowledge necessary to cross-examine police and witnesses, and challenge Alcotests, urine and blood tests and standard field sobriety tests. Our clients and the legal community recognize The Reinartz Law Firm for our aggressive advocacy and the successful results we have secured for our clients. We work tirelessly to achieve the best possible outcome for our clients. Moreover, our attorneys give you an honest assessment of your situation and provide you clear answers to the questions you have about your DUI / DWI charges.

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