How to Use Your Smartphone After An Accident

Smartphones have revolutionized the way we communicate, and acquire and store information.  These devices allow us to email one another, take photographs and movies, write notes and other messages, and access the internet, among other features.  Because personal injury cases are built on information, commonly referred to as evidence, but are typically initiated months or even years after an accident occurs, the effective use of a smartphone after an accident can increase a plaintiff’s chances for success in a lawsuit.

If you have a smartphone with you at the time of an accident and are well enough to use it, you should attempt do the following: (1) photograph all injuries; (2) photograph any injury-causing instrumentality or conditions; (3) note the address and specific locale of the accident; (4) record the contact and insurance information of all parties involved in the accident and also note any eye witnesses; (5) record the names of any police, emergency and medical personnel who responded to the accident or provided medical treatment; and (6) photograph or record any other information that you feel is relevant to the accident.

Many times, critical information relating to an accident is lost or misplaced following the accident.  Other times, dangerous conditions that caused an accident are fixed or remediated after the accident, leaving no trace of their prior existence.  Thus, by capturing as much information as possible on a smartphone immediately following an accident, you may greatly increase your chance of success in a future lawsuit for damages.