Hudson County, NJ Lawsuit Alleging Molestation By Former Priest Settles For $900,000

A man who was allegedly repeatedly drugged and molested over 30 years ago by a priest recently settled his Hudson County Superior Court lawsuit for $900,000. The suit alleged, among other things, that the Newark Archdiocese and other defendants violated the Child Sexual Abuse Act (CSAA). A significant issue in the case involved the applicable 2-year statute of limitations to bring such claims. The plaintiff claimed that he first discovered in 2009 that his various psychological ailments were associated with the sexual abuse. Conversely, the defendants argued that the statute of limitations had long expired, and filed a motion for summary judgment seeking dismissal of the case. The defendants’ motion was denied, however the judge ordered a hearing on the issue of whether the CSAA’s tolling provisions applied to permit the plaintiff’s claim to move forward. The case settled prior to the hearing.