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Jersey City, N.J. Criminal Defense Lawyer

The Reinartz Law Firm is dedicated to defending clients who are accused of criminal, DUI/DWI and traffic offenses in Jersey City and the surrounding Hudson County area.

If you are facing criminal charges in Jersey City and need legal representation, The Reinartz Law Firm can help. We understand that being charged with a crime is a traumatic experience. We will thus do everything within our power to make you as comfortable as possible while we vigorously defend your interests. With offices located in the Journal Square area of Jersey City, New Jersey, we are centrally located near all local courts. We also provide every prospective client a free consultation and case assessment.

Criminal Defense in Jersey City, N.J.

The Jersey City Municipal Court is comprised of a number of courtrooms, all of which have different judges and prosecutors. This is a busy court that handles a variety of criminal offenses, including DUI / DWI, traffic violations, assault, theft, fraud, shoplifting, drug possession and juvenile crimes. A criminal lawyer with experience in the Jersey City Municipal Court system can help you navigate the complexities of local criminal procedure and provide insights into the local judiciary that other lawyers cannot.

About Our Firm

Richard Reinartz, Esq. is an experienced Jersey City criminal defense lawyer who is committed to defending client accused of criminal offenses.  While representing hundreds of clients each year, The Reinartz Law Firm prides itself on providing flexible, personal, one-on-one legal care and remains devoted to delivering results.

If you are facing criminal charges in Jersey City or New York City and have questions regarding criminal defense or criminal law call The Reinartz Law Firm today for your free consultation.

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