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Medical Misdiagnosis

Medical Malpractice can occur anytime during the treatment of a patient. In particular, medical misdiagnosis is one way that malpractice can occur early on in treatment since every medical condition must first be diagnosed before treatment can begin. Misdiagnosis errors can be serious, and even fatal. It has been estimated that approximately 10-20% of all medical cases are misdiagnosed in some respect. Many injuries or side effects can occur and, when negligence plays a role in causing an injury, a medical malpractice claim may be needed to pursue compensation.

At The Reinartz Law Firm, our team of experienced medical malpractice attorneys pursue maximum compensation for misdiagnosis injuries. We provide personalized and compassionate representation, combined with an aggressive pursuit of justice.

Types of Medical Misdiagnosis

Medical Misdiagnosis can occur in various ways, from a misinterpreted lab test to failing to order a required diagnostic test in the first instance. The fact is, the medical system in the United States is currently overloaded with patients and cases. This creates an opportunity for misdiagnosis errors. These errors typically fall into several categories:

False Positive

This occurs when a test result incorrectly states that an illness or condition is present when it is not. This can result in a patient undergoing treatments that they do not need and be exposed to danger.

False Negative

This occurs when a test result incorrectly states that an illness or condition is not present when it actually is. This can cause the underlying symptoms to progress and become worse as the patient goes untreated.

Failure to Diagnose Root Cause

This type of misdiagnosis can occur when a medical professional treats a patient for a symptom which is not the root cause of the ailment. This can cause improper or insufficient treatment, allowing the underlying root-cause to go untreated and symptoms to worsen.

Commonly Misdiagnosed Conditions:

A misdiagnosis can lead to unnecessary and improper treatment or no treatment at all. Some of the most commonly misdiagnosed conditions include:

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