New Jersey Consumer Fraud Act Violated By Not Revealing Used Car’s History

In what appears to be a ruling of first impression in Montgomery v. Millenium Auto Group, MRS-L-2839-10, a car dealer was found to have violated the New Jersey Consumer Fraud Act by selling a used car without disclosing its prior use as a loaner vehicle.  Research performed by the parties revealed that no other court had ruled on whether the the Act applied to the failure to disclose that a used car had been a loaner.

This is a significant ruling, and a big win for New Jersey consumers.  It now requires full disclosure of the history of used cars sold by dealers, including disclosure that a used car subject to sale had been a loaner vehicle.

If you or someone you know has been the victim of consumer fraud, you should contact an experienced New Jersey consumer fraud attorney who can analyze the facts of your case and explain your legal rights.