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Newark Criminal Defense Attorney

A criminal conviction in New Jersey can negatively impact your livelihood, personal freedom, and your family. Having an experienced Newark, New Jersey criminal defense lawyer on your side can make all the difference. An experienced criminal defense lawyer can conduct an appropriate investigation into the facts surrounding your charges, properly assess the case, and work towards obtaining the best possible outcome on your behalf, whether at trial or by way of pre-trial plea agreement.

Criminal Defense in Newark, N.J.

In New Jersey, criminal charges are graded by degree, with the most serious charges declared First Degree crimes and charges of a lesser nature declared Second, Third, and Fourth Degree crimes. These charges are heard in the New Jersey Superior Court. Other less severe crimes, such as disorderly persons offenses, DUI/DWI’s, possession of controlled substances, theft, shoplifting, simple assault and others are dealt with at the municipal court level. In Newark, the municipal court is located at 32 Green Street.

About Newark, New Jersey

Located in the midst of New Jersey’s Gateway Region, Newark is the second largest city in the tri-state area. Newark is the home to many individuals and businesses, and is also a popular destination for sports and entertainment. With frequent activity in and around the city, it is no surprise that the Newark Municipal Court typically handles a large docket of cases.

The Reinartz Law Firm

The Reinartz Law Firm is an experienced Newark, New Jersey criminal defense law firm with many years’ experience defending clients against charges of possession of controlled substances, assault, theft, shoplifting, DUI/DWI, and others. The firm’s approach to these matters is simple, yet uncompromising. Because each case is different, we perform an exhaustive investigation into the facts to determine the best defense strategy available. We further work with an eye towards expedient resolution of the charges, in order to get our clients back to normal as quickly as possible.

Last, but certainly not least, each and every client and prospective client is treated with the respect and dignity. We understand the stigma attached to criminal charges, and that you may have already been made to feel like a criminal at the outset of the process. We stand by the notion that those who are accused of crimes are innocent until proven guilty, and vigorously hold the state to its burden to prove guilt beyond a reasonable doubt.

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If you have been charged with a crime in Newark, New Jersey or elsewhere, contact The Reinartz Law Firm at (201) 448-9838 to schedule a free consultation or discuss your case with a New Jersey criminal defense lawyer.