How Much Is My New Jersey Personal Injury Case Worth?

At some point, this question is asked by every personal injury plaintiff. It is understandable that a plaintiff wants to know how much they may be able to recover in their case. They likely have lost wages, out-of-pocket expenses and have suffered permanent physical injuries at the hands of [...]

Intentional Torts: Assault and Battery

While the State may initiate a criminal action against a person who commits an assault and battery on another, the victim of the intentional act may under certain circumstances separately file a civil lawsuit against the wrongdoer known as an “intentional tort.” In an intentional tort, the injured [...]

Plaintiff’s Voluntary Intoxication: New Jersey Injury Lawyer

In most circumstances, an intoxicated plaintiff "is held to the same standard of care as a sober person."  Tose v. Greate Bay Hotel and Casino, Inc., 819 F. Supp. 1312, 1315 (D.N.J. 1993).  Thus, a plaintiff may not escape a finding of comparative negligence by claiming that their [...]

Successive, Unrelated Torts: New Jersey Injury Lawyer

When a plaintiff suffers injury to the same body part as a result of successive, unrelated acts of negligence, the suits may be subject to consolidation because of the common question of damages.  Under these circumstances, the second tortfeasor is entitled to view any injuries resulting from the [...]

The Rescue Doctrine: New Jersey Personal Injury Attorney

When a rescuer is injured during an attempted rescue of another person from peril, the rescuer may under certain circumstances sue either the rescued victim or a third-party whose act or omission created the situation that necessitated the rescue. In these cases, the rescue attempt itself may not [...]

Intentional Wrongs in the Workplace: New Jersey Personal Injury Lawyer

Under New Jersey's workers' compensation scheme, employees have relinquished some of their rights to pursue common law remedies in exchange for automatic entitlement to benefits for work-related injuries.  Indeed, the New Jersey Workers' Compensation Act generally bars an employee injured in the workplace from suing the employer. The [...]

“Modified” Comparative Negligence in New Jersey: New Jersey Personal Injury Lawyer

Under New Jersey's Comparative Negligence Act, the jury in certain personal injury lawsuits may evaluate the relative degree of fault of the parties involved in the case, resulting in a reduction of the damages recoverable by the injured plaintiff, rather than a total bar to recovery. New Jersey's [...]

Independent Medical Examinations in New Jersey Personal Injury Lawsuits

When an individual brings a personal injury lawsuit, they purposely place their physical and/or mental health into dispute.  As a result, plaintiffs in personal injury actions forfeit certain privacy rights that they would otherwise have, including the right to keep certain mental and physical health information private. Defendants [...]