Is My New Jersey Workplace Unsafe?

Examples of unsafe practices in New Jersey workplaces From dangerous equipment to toxic chemicals, and even non-ergonomic workstations, your place of employment can be a potentially hazardous place. According to the New Jersey Work Environment Council, approximately 135,000 workers in the state experience a job-related injury or illness [...]

Immigrant Workers’ Rights in N.J.

New Jersey’s immigrant population averaged over 20 percent between 2009 and 2013, while the U.S. average was less than 13%. Several New Jersey counties revealed even higher populations than the statewide average. Bergen County reflected a 29.2 percent foreign-born population over the same time period. With such a [...]

The “Big Four” Types of Liens Against Personal Injury Settlements and Judgments

A lien is a claim or encumbrance on property for payment of some debt, obligation or duty.  In New Jersey, there are four types of statutory liens that can be legally enforced against personal injury settlements and judgments.  They are (1) Medicare/Medicaid liens; (2) Workers' Compensation liens; Healthcare [...]