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New Jersey Workplace Discrimination Lawyers

Employment law involves a wide range of issues related to employees’ rights in the workplace. When an employer acts in a manner that violates an employee’s legal rights and causes damages, the employee may possess a cause of action against the employer or others. These cases are highly fact sensitive and require that the injured employee prove the employer’s conduct fell below required legal standards. Successful claimants may be entitled to compensatory damages, punitive damages, and attorneys’ fees and costs of suit. Compensatory damages, in particular, may include lost wages, medical expenses and damages for emotional distress. Additionally, employees who are forced to accept a job that pays less than what they were previously making, may be entitled to the difference.

The Reinartz Law Firm

The employment lawyers at The Reinartz Law Firm handle cases throughout New Jersey on behalf of employees who have experienced harassment, discrimination, or otherwise had their workplace rights violated. Because the facts of each case are unique, we invite you to contact us if you believe you have been the victim of workplace discrimination. All consultations are free and strictly confidential, and we only receive a fee if we are successful on your claim.